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Strengthen your leadership's communication through business storytelling.

Identify, strategize and develop your story with speed and precision.

Produce your story on budget and on time.


What Changes For The Leaders We Work With

The leaders we work with have the confidence to identify and tell stories that impact their business, career, and personal life. 

They understand the subtle art of how to cue emotion through narrative, and how a single story can galvanize an audience. 

They also understand how to use stories to grow their business and strengthen their company culture. 

Most importantly they can clearly answer the questions, 'what do you do' and 'why?' 

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Rack Focus


1. To shift focus and cue emotion
2. Shifting focus within a frame


Our Services


From outlining the narrative arc to experimenting with different story lines, our development process will keep you on track and on time.


Identifying a great story is just the start. Every story needs a strategy that includes development, distribution, and measurement.



We believe leaders who can tell impactful stories will find success both in their career and personal life. Through educational workshops and one-on-one coaching, we help leaders learn to identify and tell stories.


Strong distribution is king. Without it your story will never make the impact you desire. We work with your team to identify current distribution channels and strategize how to leverage them and add new opportunities when it's go time.


Our Why

Storytelling is a buzzword right now, and it makes me uncomfortable. Being able to tell a story isn't a quick fix or a hack to get something you want. 

Rather, storytelling is about having an intimate knowledge of the story you're telling and how that story relates to audiences. 

Rack Focus isn't a brand to me, it is me.

It is the last 30+ years of my life squeezed into a box that took decades to define. 

I have two passions in life outside of my family and the outdoors, and both are at the core of what we do here. 

The first is helping people learn new skills.

The second is telling stories. 

By combining these two, I am able to be a strong editor and teacher when working with leaders.

Our mission is not just to tell you which story to tell, but to help you sift through the thousands of disparate dots and isolate what matters and how it fits together.

My belief in this is so strong that I'm willing to bet the farm. My daughter is 3 right now. College saving needs to start. But first, this. 

– Tim Shisler, Founder