We Make Sure Your Teams Are Telling The Best Story Possible To Investors, Mentors and at Demo Day.

What changes for the founders we work with:

The founders we work with have the confidence and ability to tell their story regardless of time constraints and audiences. They have done the hard work of knowing their story inside and out, and they use that understanding throughout their businesses lifetime. They also do it quickly and through a focused framework, which allows for more time to sign new customers and build products.


How we do it: 

We developed a custom framework for startup storytelling that help businesses identify what matters most and how they can be weaved together into a narrative. Our work can be done remotely or in-person, and our services include ideation, ghostwriting, presentation prep and role playing.


Why Rack Focus:

We have over a decade of experience in journalism, filmmaking, startups and content strategy.  Our expertise is taking disparate dots and stringing them together while helping individuals design and present their story. Our clients include startups in Techstars Boulder, Boomtown, Travelport Labs and CU Catalyze.

There's two ways we can work with you:

Option 1: Individual Accelerator

Weekly hourly blocks for teams to utilize

pricing monthly, but full program also available

**Includes Techstars Discount**

10 Hours / Week

$6,000 / mo
$4,000 / mo

$12,000 / program

15 Hours / Week

$9,000 / mo
$6,000 / mo

$18,000 / program

20 Hours / Week

$12,000 / mo
$8,000 / mo

24,000 / program

Option 2: Individual Team

teams purchase a number of sessions that can be used throughout the program whenever necessary.

Sessions are APPROXIMATELY 1 hour in length with 30 minutes of prep included.

Teams can CHOOSE what story they want to focus on including mentor updates, investor relations, demo day, etc. 

**Includes Techstars DISCOUNT**

10 Sessions

$2,000 / program
$1,500 / program

15 sessions

$3,700 / program
$2,250 / program

20 Sessions

$5,000 / program
$3,000 / program