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We believe the stories that leave lasting impressions and inspire action are told by those who understand the subtle mastery of how to shift focus and cue audiences emotions. 

What changes for the founders we work with is they have the confidence to identify and tell strategic stories that lead to action.

We do this through a custom storytelling and pitch deck framework, that allows founders to iterate faster, ingest feedback and tweak as necessary.   

The package includes:

Custom Pitch Deck Framework (Example see below)

12x 1 hour Sessions - Sessions can be used throughout the program and include ideation, ghostwriting, role playing or integrating feedback from teams/mentors.

Design Framework to Help with Facilitation

Sessions can be done in person or remotely depending on location 

Pitch Deck Framework Example

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.05.20 PM.png

Perk Pricing


50% OFF