How long are the workshops?

The average workshop is either a half or full day. Workshops can be done as a stand-alone session, or part of a bigger initiative that includes multiple stages.

How do you measure success? 

We work with your team to identify key KPI's before finalizing the workshop content. Many times success is measured by an increase in positive responses during employee engagement surveys or 360 reviews. If the team is underperforming due to a communication issue, we will also work with you to capture the change our workshops facilitate. 

I'm already implementing Emergenetics, DiSC, or Insights. Will these workshops complement these programs?

Yes. We have curriculum that fits many of the core personal development programs being implemented today. In fact, if your leadership team has already done one of these programs, it will help us focus our content on telling stories for each of their specific styles. For more detailed information on how this works, check out our recent post on Emergenetics and storytelling. 

What exactly are you teaching?

We start with building a strong foundation. Our content includes elements of story, different story structures, how to identify business stories, and how to identify audiences. 

We mix lecture, individual work, and group work, to provide a high-energy and engaging workshop that produces relevant stories. 

How big are the workshops?

Depending on how much individual work and group work you want to include, workshops are typically for 4 to 12 leaders. 

How much does it cost?

We break out our pricing into three tiers:

  1. Customization and Discovery
  2. Facilitation
  3. Follow-up Work 

After speaking with you and crating the scope of work, we will present a package price.