How we measure the ROI of business storytelling

Measuring your return on investment is a big part of what we do at Rack Focus. 

Here's how we approach it.

Every business starts with clearly identifying what they think storytelling will help them achieve. We focus on current challenges, upcoming challenges, and where things are good.

Each of these segments then gets broken down into specific needs such as 'aligning sales teams and increasing sales,' 'improving employee engagement scores,' and 'aligning leaders with the current business strategy.'

From there we explore the ways strategic stories might help solve these problems. We aren't creating the stories yet, but we are starting to uncover what information needs to be included. 

A strategy forms from this process, and we begin implementation. For some goals we provide workshops, while other times we focus on individual projects as a consultant. Our goal is always the same: make sure you are telling the best story possible to the right audience. 

During and after our work, we help each business define a timeline and KPI's to track success. 

A great example of how this plays out is the work we did with Travelport's internal accelerator program. 

At the end of the program each team was required to give two pitches. The first was towards investors and needed to show how their business was just not a cool business, but a fundable opportunity. 

The second was to a public audience at the closing night party. 

We identified what each pitch needed to do, how to structure each need, and how to roll that into the weekly cadence already in use by the program.

We had weekly check-ins to monitor teams' progress, and as we got closer to demo day, we did one-on-one coaching.

The end result was a series of pitches that exceeded expectations and also attracted some seed funding.  

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